Global Congress on

Public Health and Nutrition

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Conference Date:
16- November, 2020
Online Conference
Abstract Deadline:
21-Aug, 2020
Early Bird Registration:
23-Aug, 2020
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Conference Tracks

Sexual and Reproductive Health

  • Age group and sexual health behavior
  • Child bearing and health
  • Availability of modern contraception
  • Reproductive health and abortion
  • Sexually transmitted diseases

Public Health Nursing

  • Evidence-based Practice in public health
  • Innovations in Patient Care
  • Community Nursing
  • Advanced Nursing Practice
  • Care of patients with different cultural background

Obesity and Nutrition

  • Underweight and pathological eating behavior
  • Fast foods and supersizing
  • Sequelae of obesity
  • Exercise and physical activity
  • Causes and contributors to obesity
  • Child and Adolescent Nutrition
  • Nutritional epigenetics
  • Dietary fats and metabolic syndrome

Mental health and disorders

  • Personality disorder
  • Uni-polar depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Sexual and gender disorders
  • Adolescent Counselling
  • Prevention of Suicidal behavior and self-harm
  • Behavioral science, Chronic stress

Maternal, Infant and Child Health

  • Health services and policies
  • Morbidity and Mortality
  • Pregnancy Health and Behaviors
  • Earlier diagnosis of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia
  • Infant and Child care

Healthcare-Associated Infections

  • Surgical site infections
  • Blood stream infections
  • Vector-borne transmission
  • Preventing healthcare-associated infections


  • Genetic Epidemiology
  • Public Health and Epidemiology
  • Epidemiology and Chronic Diseases
  • Epidemiology and Health Care
  • Psychiatric epidemiology
  • Infectious Disease Epidemiology
  • Nutritional Epidemiology
  • Reproductive, Perinatal and pediatric Epidemiology

  • Community Health
  • Population health
  • Bio statistics
  • Impact of nutrition on prenatal Development
  • Social Determinants of Health